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Diablo Systems/Xerox Fremont Virtual Reunion

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Some of us stayed in the same field. Some retired, and some took an entirely different direction. A few even stayed with Xerox. Here's a list of who we know about.  Let us know what you're doing now.
Alexander, Joan- retired
Barnett, Mary Anne- works for AFL CIO

Bradley, Gail (Rose)- Accountant

Burke, Judi- Innkeeper
Burns, Dave- Manufacturing Manager

Busby, Cliff- construction
Canaday, Jerry- Account Manager for a scrap company
Cantu, Emily- retired

Cassero, Geri- retired

Cavaz, Gabe and Linda- retired

Cobar, Esther- Mortgage Lender

Cobar, Sal- Works at Sun Microsystems
Cobarrubias, Frank- Facilities Manager, retired from Xerox 2007 (33 years, Calif. & Massachusetts)
Cobarrubias, Marianne- retired, Independent Consultant for Arbonne International

Collins, King- retired

Comstock, George- retired but serving on the Town Council of Portola Valley

Cowdrey (Marsh) Colette- retired (Utah)
Craven, Bruce- Software Engineer
Creighton, Ron- Attorney
Dardeen, (Bartlett/Drennon) Maria- Safeway cashier

DeGroot, Dennis- iXerox (36 years)

Demaria, Dana- works at Etec
Dunham, Gene- Clean Room Technician
Dunham, Toddy- Nanny
Dwyer, Bill- Customer Service Manager (Quantum)
Eckert, Vickie- winery owner, business consultant

Estacio, Manny- Real Estate

Feldstein, Geno,- Maintenance Mechanic

Feldstein, Carmen- Second Grade Teacher

Fernandez, Ada- Video Game Designer

Flores, Sheila- Office Manager (Industrial Paint Company)

Flowers, Gloria (Mindley)- Xerox

Gasper, Dan- retired

Gent, Bob- retired from the USPS (Fremont)
Gonzales, (Acevedo) Vicki- warehouse worker
Gonzales (Maldonado) Myrna- Legal Document Processing
Griswold, Dorothy- school bus driver

(Haberer) Dwyer, Patty- Controller, Fairchild Imaging
Hague, Melinda- works in materials
Hallgren, Althea- retired
Holland (Rogue) Anita- barber
Holman, Ed- retired

Hom, David - Document Control Manager (Aperto Networks)
Johnson, Curtis- Business Development Manager, Sun
Keop, Ann- owns/operates day care center

Kurtz, Carla - Property Management in Arizona
Lain, Mary Lou- retired
Marsh, Gary- school bus driver (Utah)
(McPeake) Ihli, Patty- Travel Agent
Meuser, Debbie- massage therapist and retail clerk at Longs
Millerwize, Bev- retired
Mindley, John- Xerox

Montgomery, Sharon- Marketing Manager
Moore, Scott- musician
Morris, Lyle- Owns Anelace Inc.

Murray, Dallas- Facilities Engineer at NUMMI
Myers, Irene- retired
Odegaard, Kathy- realtor
Olberg, Greg- Chiropractor
Pacheco, Violet- retired

Raut, J.P.- United Airlines
Reardon, Tricia- retail clerk

Robertson, Mary- Mortgage Lender

Robinson, Linda- Xerox

Rodriques, Janet- owns childcare business
Rose, Warren- consultant
Rossi, Sandro- owns a restaurant
Rowe, Terrie- marketing/event planning and writer
Sklar, Joe- (retired)
Slate, Dede- works at Kaiser (Pediatrics)
Tapia, Richard- copier repair technician
Thomas, Arnie- buyer for United Airlines
Thompson, Becky- retired
Thompson, John- works for Xerox (Burlingame)
Thompson, Roger- co-owner of Anelace, Inc.
Todd, Jerry- works for Xerox (Pleasanton)
Tyler, Chuck- drives a BART train
Wade, Cliff and Judy- retired
Waite, Joyce- manicurist and RV show hostess
Withrow, Inez- retired

Zulaica, Cozy- retired
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