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Diablo Systems/Xerox Fremont Virtual Reunion

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Here's contact information on everyone who has joined our list:

(If you've emailed someone from this list below and the email "bounced back" -- double-check to see if their email address has changed. Several email addresses on this page have been updated in the past few months.)

Know someone without email who'd like to be included?  With their permission, we can list them with their phone number. 

See a broken link?  Or, want to be added to the list?  Send us a note today:   Marianne or Terrie

Click on the underlined names to send an email.

Abeyta, Debbie 
Abing, Lenny - 510-783-3950
Ackerman, Bill 
Alcantar, JoAnn 209-531-0510
Alexander, Joan (Jiminez) 208-691-9968 and Howard  cell 208-691-9300
Alfante, Jay - 510-886-6152
Aljoe Grimme, Gayle
Allison, Tom
Almond, Marlene - 510-656-4927
Alvarica, Hope
Amador, Jane 
Andersen, Carlos
Auer, Bill
Barnett, Mary Anne
Bigelow, Dave
Bird, Esther (& Charles) 501 Doral Ct., Dayton, NV 89043 Ph (775) 246-9673
Bless, Ed
Blenis, Cindy
Bongay, Joe 
Boyd, Jimmi
Bradley, Gail (Rose) 
Britto, Susan
Brogdon, Bill 510-569-7852
Brown, Claudetta
Bucko, Michelle - Alt email
Burns, Dave

Busby, Cliff
Byers, Jack - 925-462-8867
Canaday, Jerry   
(Cantu) Barello, Emily
(Carrington) Partridge, Debbie
Cassero, Geri- 530-872-4240
Cavaz. Gabe & Linda
Chang, Ping
Chin, Filomena 
Clara, Dolores
Cline, Judy- 925-684-3729
Cobarrubias, Marianne (& Frank) 
Cochrane, Rowena  -NEED CURRENT EMAIL!
Cocksedge, Ken 
Collins, King   
Comstock, George
Coppolo, Linda
Costello, Bob - 510-794-0201
(Cowdrey) Marsh, Colette
Creighton, Ron   
Darby, Frankie - 510-684-3951
Dardeen, Maria (Bartlett)
Davera, Tito
DeGroot, Dennis
-or Alt email 
DeMaria, Dana   
(DiModica) Sher, Gegenheimer  
Dobbertin, Gerald
Dunham, Gene and Toddy  
Dwyer, Patty (Haberer) and Bill  
Eckert, Vickie  
Eggers, Brian 
Egler, Bill 
Erskine, Earl - 510-797-6170 *82
Estacio, Manny 
Everhart, Neil 
Everts, Juanita
Feldstein, Carmen and Geno
Farhner, Barbara
Farias, Carol
Fellion, Terry
Fernandez, Ada 
Ferrell, Jim - 510-795-9715
Fifield, Bob
Flagel, Ron
Flores, Diane - 510-790-1390
Funke, Louise
Gasper, Dan
Garavito, Pete 
Garcia, Rick
Gardener (Kurtz) Carla   
Gaudinier, Rick 
Gent, Bob 
George, Carolyn 
Geyer, Rich - 408-259-6586 or 510-226-9760
Glover, Dora 
Gomes, Cathy  - 925-443-4997
Gonning, Bob- 510-797-8725
(Gonzales) Acevedo, Vicki 
(Gonzales) Maldonado, Myrna - 510-656-1626 
Gonzalves, Marge-  510-793-9150
Ghorbanian, Hormoz (Harry) 
Gormley, Al and Margie   
Gramberg, Phil 
Griswold, Dorothy  
Griswold, Dave  
Groenewold, John and Toni 
Groth, Carolyn 
Hague, Melinda 
Halgren, Althea  
Halgren, Steve
Halstead, Dave  408-259-1576 
Ham, Jake  Employed 1976-83
Hansen, Ron

(Hart) Felix, Kim 
Harper, Denise
Hatton, Barbara 510-792-3647
Heflin, Laurie  510-615-4159
Hirth, Joni
Hines, Harvey
(Holland) Rogue, Anita 
Holladay, Ronald 
Holman, Ed 
Hom, David (ofc) or Hom, David (home)

Houle, Ed
Hurtado, Sandy - 510-487-1477
Jacintho, Mark and Andrea 
Jean, Barbara  
Jimenez, Nadine  
Johnson, Curtis  OR   Alt Email     
Johnson, Nigel
Jordan, Larry
Katzakian, David - or 559-840-1499
Keenan, Anita - 530-872-9566
Keeney, Ronald

Killian, Henny- 530-873-3201
King, Debbie
Kinkaid, Charlie
Koep, Ann 
Kurtz, Carla
LaFauci, Dolores

Lain, Mary Lou 
Landi, Rob
Lascano, Betty 510-357-9768
Laughlin, Dick 
Little, Jeanne
Maas, Rich and Kay 
Magyar, Geza
Mack, Jim   
(Marshall) Diane, Smith 
Martin, Bill - 510-785-9247
Martin, Debbie  - 510-791-6201
McCoy, Paul - 1-918-540-2715 
McFaull, Gerry
McIntosh, Dick (Mac) 
(McPeake) Ihli , Patti 
Mendes, Carol 
Mendonza,  Linda (Bullard)
Messier, Mike
Metcalfe, Dave 
Miller, Leigh
Miller, Leslie 
Mockel, Dennis 
Montgomery, Sharon  
Morris, Lyle and Marie 
Mulcock, Margaret (Barker)

Munoz, Art and Diane Diane at work
Munoz, Soledad

Murray, Dallas 
Myers, Irene  
Nabben, Helen 530-877-2225
(Nelson) Snodgrass, Debra- 510-481-2455
Nardecchia, Seb 
Nye, Phyllis 
Obreza, Victor 
Odegaard, Kathy - 925-447-5517
Olberg, Gary - 510-537-8643
Olberg, Dr. Greg
Oliver, Barbara (Johnson)
Olsen, Stan 
Orton, John - 20451 Nashville Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311
Pacheco, Violet - 209-823-1211
Palacios, Hilda 510-614-2131
Palleschi, Bill 
Patterson, Edgar
Paulson, Danny
Pedreira, Manuel & Dee
Pennington, Larry  OR  Alt email 

Perrotti, Bob
Perrill, Katherine
Perrin, Verna and Bob
Pierce, Anita
Pincenti, Joe
Poole, Tom 
Ranker, Courtland Ph.559-925-0387  Lemoore, CA
Raut, J.P. 
(Ramirez) Lena, McNair  
Rea, Steve 
Read, Ellie
Readron, Tricia - 510-487-1477
Rice, Bob 
Richards, Glen    
Richards, Jeannie 
Rhine, Sherry 
Rivera, Shirley - 408-554-8171
Robinson, Lee 
(Robinson) Hilbert, 620-465-3220
Robinson, Linda
Rodgrigues, Janet
Rodriguez, Anna 
Rodriguez, Margaret - 510-790-3131
Rosa, Joyce
Rose, Warren
Ross, Dossie - 510-785-2920
Rowe, Bob and Terrie   
Rubial, Barbara- 530-346-8234
Salmon, Doug 
Sampson, Roslyn 
Scott, Ada 510-429-1530
Schloss, Jim -  925-362-7221
Schults, Tom 
Seutter, Elmer
Forney (Seidel), Philip 
Sheppard, Chuck
Silva, Cecy
Singh, Mandir -  510-438-9273
Sklar, Joe  
Slate, Gary 
Slate, DeDe (Figueroa) 
Smith, Greg 
Smith (Barnett) Janice (JP)
Smith, Margie
Smith, Paul 
Soto, Theresa (Paulson) 510-429-9175
Stringer, John - Home- 925-687-6796; Pager- 925-926-1985
Studer, Kathy
Tamaru, Glenn 510-979-2286
Tapia, Monica and Richard
Thomas, Arnie 
Thomas, (Hennessey, Regan) Janet -NEED CURRENT EMAIL!
(Thompkinson) Hernandez, Catherine 
Thompson, John and Becky - (650) 876-0366 
Tierney, Colin 
Todd, Jerry

Tong, Donna
Tosta, Chris  408-823-5682 cell
Tyler, Chuck & Lelette- 707-745-9396
Valencia, Linda - 510-278-1614
Vis, Dave -  OR 510-490-2585
Wade, Cliff and Judy 
Waggoner, Chuck
Waite, Joyce -  (530) 873-0669
Wardrip, Mark 
Welsh, Bob 
Williams, Bert 
Wilson, Marie - 530-877-3012
Wolf, Carl
Wright, Lynn - OR ALT email 
Yutzy, (Cabaceros) Sonia - (620) 465-2434
Zensen, Mary 
Zulaica, Cozy- 510-521-3392


Know someone without email who'd like to be included?  With their permission, we can list them with their phone number. 

See a broken link?  Or, want to be added to the list?  Send us a note today:   Marianne or Terrie


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