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Diablo Systems/Xerox Fremont Virtual Reunion

Gone But Not Forgotten

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Some of our friends are no longer with us...we list them here with fondest memories.

(Last updated on March 17, 2010)

Abbott, Jan
Allison, Tom Jr
Aochi, Stan
Armelin, Jim- Sept 5, 2007

Bandalos, Phil
Barnes, Tom
Barrett, John- Nov 2009
Bernard, Bradley
Black, Bob- January 10, 2005; 81 years old
Black, Joanne
Boon, Peter
Borges, Evon- April 9, 2007 to contact her daughter Erica call (707) 448-0107
tello, Tony
Boyd, Rosa
Burns, Betty
Burns, Dorothy
Cass, Gloria
Castro, Maxine
Cheshire, Ruth
Cicairos, Claudia- 1999, cancer

Cochrane, Gordon- August 1995
Copeland, Emilita
Craven, Bruce
Dunn, Cathy- January 2010
Early, Chris
Flagon, Neil (1998)
Frei, Joyce (Walsh)- Nov 2009
Glover, Margaret
Gomes, Ermalene- March 2010
Gramberg, Marilyn- June 2002
Green, Dianna- April 25, 1997
Hart, Kim (McKinnon-Felix)- July 2009

Hatzenbuhler, Dick Sr.- September 1, 2003
Hodge, Mike
Houseago, Martin-1993
Hudson, Bob
Kaufmann, Teresa- November 10, 2002
Kenaborus, Kyong
Krueger, Virginia- Dec. 2002
LeFebre, Johanna- November 19, 2000
LeRoy, Ron
Levine, Estelle

Lowry, Tom
Lundquist, Lois
Maine, Tom
Manley, Mary
Martin, Janice- December 10, 2002
Martinez, Pete- November 9, 2001
McFadden, Leola
McGinnis, Maria- January 2008
Mendoza, Joe
Metcalf, Dave- February 15, 2005
Mitchell, Barbara- December 31, 2009
Mrzywka, Bob
Murphy, Kay
Neito, Bob (1999)
Olberg, Rose- December 13, 2006
Pace, Dorothy- Sept 20, 2007; 84 yrs old
Paulson, Danny
Piezynski, Edna - March 17, 1996 (72 yrs old)

Quinn, Betty
Ramos, Molly (Amelia)- February 8, 2002
Recore, Ron (Bear)
Rodriguez, Lena
Ruibal, Barbara (Johnson)- October 2009
Sanders, Jessie

Scarson, Mike- 10/20/93
Schillaci, Frank
Schrieber, Ron- March 28, 2004
Schumacher, Phyllis
Smith, Gertie
Smith, Hank- end of January 2007

Tobin, John- August 30, 2002
Todd, Norma Jean
Underwood, Sandy- February 6, 2005; 55 years old
Wade, Cliff- November 15, 2009
Wight, Quintin- December 2000
Williams, Fran Daly
Williams, Elizabeth
Wilson, Florida
Wilson, Victor
Youngs, Margaret


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