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Diablo Systems/Xerox Fremont Virtual Reunion

Xerox Relatives
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It was all in the family!

There's no question that working together day in and day out drew us close together. We threw each other baby showers and birthday parties, we attended each other's weddings, we cried together when tragedy struck.  We were a family. 
But some of us really were family.
Terrie had so much fun with the couples page, she decided to create a page dedicated to Xerox relatives. Here are some she could remember. This is just the tip of the iceburg, so don't leave us hanging here. Send us more!

Fathers and Daughters
Jim and Debbie Williamson

Mothers and Daughters
Priscilla Figueroa and DeDe Figueroa
Sonia Yutzy and Roxanne Robinson
Leona Muirhead and Sammie Buckley
Leola McFadden and Debbie Abeyta
Donna and Connie DeJung
Leigh and Leslie Miller
Dee Alvardo and Theresa Paulson
Bea Murphy and Hope Alvarico
Edna Piezynski and Diane Silva Grosser

Mothers and Sons
Mary Jane and David Skultety
Mary and Mike Manley
Bev and Alan Millerwize
Barbara and David Remillard
Rose Olberg and Greg, Gary and Danny
Bobbi Champion and Rich Geyer
Marilyn and Phil Gramberg

Fathers and Sons
Walt and Tom Cheshire
Tom Allison and Tom Junior
Vince and Mike Santimoro
Dick and Mike and Rich Hatzenbuhler

Greg, Gary, and Danny Olberg
Rich and John Bartlett
Henry and George Repasky
John and Tom Tobin
Ted and Sam Fransaw
Mike and Rich Hatzenbuhler
Joe and George Bongay
Rich and Joe Pincenti

Margaret Apodoca and Dee Alvarado
Marcia Berry and Maria McGinnis
Diane Flores, Gail Rose, Donna Appiano and Linda Smith
Anne Bakke and me out, here...short hair, blonde, pretty?
Dolores Ward and Linda Harper
Martha and Dora Glover
Judy Cervantes, Franki Villegas and Joan Chavez

Mothers in-law
Margaret Apodaca was Renae Apodoca's MIL
Shirley Dell was Terry Dell's MIL
Johanna LeFebre was Rick Garcia's MIL

Aunts and Nieces
Emily Cantu and Ann Koep
JP Smith (Barnett) and Melinda Hague

Aunts and Nephews
Dorothy and Dave Burns


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