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Diablo Systems/Xerox Fremont Virtual Reunion

Xerox Couples
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Ah, love!  So many folks met their significant other at Xerox...


In no particular order:
Cliff and Judy (Burnight) Wade
Dorothy (Riveria) and Dave Griswold
Toddy and Gene Dunham
Bob and Terrie (McVicker-Valenzuela) Rowe
Joan (Jimenez) and Howard Alexander
Jim and Melissa (Hodge) Crossley
Monica (Ruiz) and Richard Tapia
Marianne (Milliken) and Frank Cobarrubias
Rich and Karen Gila
Marc and Kathy (LeBlanc) Healy
John and Becky Thompson
Reuben and Patty (Goucher) Calles
Michelle (Smith) and Hank Bucko
Gary and Collette (Cowdrey) Marsh
Althea (Meyers) and Steve Hallgren
Margie and Alex Gormley
Linda and Gabe Cavaz
Carmen and Geno Feldstein
Yvonne and Reed Oliver
Scott and Cindy Smith
Bob and Joan Reagan
Manuel and Denta (Stevenson) Pedreira
Ted and Linda (Kent) Ferguson
Dean and Marilyn Hall
Fred and Frankie Villegas
Vern and Sandy Robinson
Barbara (Justice) and Al Kamp
Curtis Johnson and Dana DeMaria
Jim and Jackie (Whitfield) Basham
Paula (Wainright) and Rich Walles
Patty (Dwyer) and Bill Haberer
Diane and Art Munoz
Chuck and Lelette Tyler
Verna and Bob Perrin
Marcia and Wayne Neff
Dick Mitchell and Joyce Emery
Mark and Andrea Jacintho
Hope Alvarico and Freman Jefferson
Larry and Diana Pennington
Pat (Wolfe) and Stu Heald
Debbie Paige and Frank Whitecotton
Debbie Salas and Frank Mastracci
Frannie Rivera and Victor Wilson
Toni (Alires) and John Groenwold
Terry Glass and Bob Dean
Craig and Yolanda Long
Gloria Flowers and John Mindley
Bob and Jonelle (Ridgely) Amaral
Chris and Suzann Niles
Ron and Josie Hodgson
Ray and Donna Ortega
Ben and Debbie Shrekengost
Chuck and Barbara Schafer
Tony and Nancy (Squire) Sukle
Tom and Linda Stoker
Lyle Morris and Marie Smith
Dick and Barbara Trizise
Gary and Joan Erickson
Sal and Esther Cobar
John and Gail (Williamson) Sidvers
Paul and Karen Alvarez
Rich and Kay Maas
Terry and Charlee (Egler) Noon
Don and Martha (Glover) Scott
Walt and Nancy (Nunes) Dunne
Fred and Diane (Silva) Grosser


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