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Diablo Systems/Xerox Fremont Virtual Reunion

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Have you bumped into a former Xerox friend recently? Or maybe you heard news of someone from the old days? Let us know so we can put it on the Sightings Page.

March 23, 2009 - MARIANNE COBARRUBIAS, badge# 2448, found FRED and DIANE (Silva) GROSSER in Antioch. 
May, 2004- Barney Hilliard is an Alameda County Sherrif. He worked at Diablo in the early seventies.
Sept. 2003- CURTIS JOHNSON passes along this sighting of AUSTIN VANCHIERI-I ran into Austin Vanchieri at Mo Mo's across the street from Pacific Bell Park (Giants Ballpark) in late August 2003.  He looks the same, a bit gray.  He wondered how I recognized him.  I told him it was his thick mustache.  At first, he didn't recognize me.  We discussed my claim to fame "The Saturn Team" (we first prize at the Xerox Facility in Southern Calif.)  We also presented at the big fanfare also in Southern Calif.  I forgot the year.  Mark Mcglaughlin was also on the team as was Seb Nardeccia. We had a few others but its been so long ago, I forgot who they were. Anyway, after we chatted and exchanged business cards, I brought up the former Diablo/Xerox Fremont employees website and told him we just had a reunion last year and plans were in the making for another in 2004.  He appeared enthusiastic in coming.  I sent him the website in hopes he contacts
someone soon. By the way, the Giants lost that game. Curtis

LEIGH MILLER, Badge #101 lives in Union City. You may not run into her, because she rarely comes down from the net. I call her SiderMo. Sometimes she can be caught walking with the ducks at the police dept. I know because I am her daughter LESLIE MILLER, badge #1680. Can you guys remember your badge number? I was there 10 years, started in A building, Hayward.
TRICIA REARDON works at the Long's in Hayward. We run into her once in a while. She looks great! (Monica Tapia)
MARY ANNE BARNETT works for the AFL CIO and lives with her husband Frank (who works for the UAW} outside Detroit. Her son Sean, who many will remember as the tow headed toddler she used to bring to Union meetings, is now in Law School.
(Terrie Rowe)

ANITA (HOLLAND) ROGUE was an inspector on the Final line in Bldg. G and in Fremont. This summer, my son and I visited "Annette's Hair Co." for the first time,and there stood Anita. We were both surprised and happy to see each other. She is now a licensed barber. She has a successful business and looks great. She also gives a nice haircut. The Salon is located at 1045 C Street, Hayward, CA. The phone number is 510-582-4247.(Monica Tapia) Here's an Anita update from Anita passed along by Judy Wade: "My grandson won first place in body building for teens. He is in the muscle flex magazine this month. He hold all 3 titles which is city, state, and now national. They are talking about putting him on a calender...He is 19 yrs old and he is also on the internet with other teen models. Yes I am so proud... His brother, who is 10 yrs old got discovered a month and a half ago in a mall in LA while my daughter in law was shopping by Paramount theaters. Out of 500 people they chose him as # 1 and put him into acting school... I don't know where this is going, but it's not bad, for a youngster."

ARNIE THOMAS is a buyer for United Airlines and lives in Indiana. I keep bugging him to give me a more complete update, so I'm hoping we can move him off the sightings page soon. (Terrie Rowe)

Remember JOYCE WAITE, the activity director at Xerox who put together the picnics, etc.? She lives in Paradise, CA and her husband bought her a computer, but she doesn't yet know what to do with it. I'm planning a visit with her at the end of September, and I'll get her all set up to join the group. (Judy Wade)

I still stay in touch with DEBBIE MEUSER. She doesn't have email, so I'm posting her info here. After she left Xerox, she attended the National Holistic Institute and became a Certified Massage Therapist. She worked doing massage in salons, but now just works on private clients. She also works at Longs in Pleasanton. (Terrie Rowe) Debbie shares some of her own sightings: EILEEN MACADOO retired and lives in Hayward, JOYCE HENRICKSON retired and lives in Oregon, MARCIA NEFF works at Strouds in Dublin, and is still married to WAYNE; SOPHIE WASHBURN works as an assembler somewhere in Dublin; MARV KNUDSON is retired and lives in Pleasanton; BEV MILLERWIZE is retired and lives in Sparks, NV.

A few years ago Bob and I were at Lumberjack Days in the tiny town of West Point, CA, and we ran into INEZ WITHROW and her husband Ted, they retired up around Pioneer. They looked great, healthy, happy and relaxed. (Terrie Rowe)

Up until the end of June, I worked with VICKIE ECKERT. After Xerox she worked at a couple of high tech companies and for the past 3 years or so was the President of a business association, the Council for Continuous Improvement,where I was also employed. The company closed and Vickie is focusing on Eckert Estate, the winery she and her husband are establishing in Livermore, her consulting business and taking care of the two adorable children she and her husband adopted, Aaron and Patty. Oh, and she's also a Baldrige Examiner. Vickie has joined the email list and will likely post here herself as soon as she gets a few minutes to write something up. You can contact her at Check out the Eckert Estate Website. Stop in and say hi to Vickie during tasting hours. (Terrie Rowe)

SCOTT MOORE has three children, one daughter and two sons and lives with his wife in San Lorenzo. He heads up the Scotty Moore Blues Band. Also in the band is JERRY GEE. Scotty plays lead guitar and Jerry plays the harmonica. They both sing. Jerry lives in San Leandro. He still plays tennis. They play lots of gigs in the Bay Area. To find out where the band is playing next, go to the band's web site:

Go to Scotty Moore Blues Band Web Page

Gail Rose sends this: Hi Terrie, I spoke to DEBBIE KING the other day and she asked me to send you a little update on her.  After leaving Xerox I worked for a short time at Hershey Co. in Oakdale and the Weyerhaeuser Paper Company in Modesto. I currently live and work in Modesto where I have been employed by Stanislaus County for the past 11 years. You can contact me at

SANDRO ROSSI opened Cafe 817, a very successful restaurant in Oakland.  It is at 817 Washington  St. at 9th. (Old Oakland) It's open for Breakfast/Lunch, closed Sundays. 510-271-7965.
Do you remember SUSIE BRITTO? Well if you do, you go back to the late 70's when she worked for Diablo/Hayward for approx. one year. Susie and I have kept in touch all these years by phone, holiday cards, and a fun weekend at Lake Winnipesaukee (New Hampshire) for a girl's weekend getaway in 1994. After Susie's marriage ended, she left Diablo and took her son (Cy) back to Vermont where she was raised and where most of her 8 or 9 siblings remain. Susie hopes to leave the northeast someday and retire in a sunny, tropical location. You can email Susie at (Marianne Cobarrubias)

Frank was in the Bay Area on business and visiting his Mom in August 2000 when he ran into ALICE GONZALES at a hardware store. Alice said she was currently not employed, and that she enjoys her free time with her grandkids. She mentioned that she and her husband were thinking about retiring to Flagstaff, Arizona but still had not made a final decision to move. Alice is not on email but thinking about getting a computer soon. (Marianne Cobarrubias)

I flew to San Francisco for a quick trip from Tahoe in December 1999 after my company's week-long sales meeting at Squaw Valley. While running a errands, I ran into RITA COVERICK outside a drugstore in Fremont. Rita said she doing fine, happily married, and works in a local
college's counseling department. (Marianne Cobarrubias)

While traveling back east last month, Cliff and I were patronizing one of the many riverboat casinos along the Mississippi. While playing blackjack, I looked up and there was GAIL ALJOE. I was as surprised to see her as she was to see me. The words "what are you doing here?" came out of both our mouths at the same time. It turns out she still works in Silicon Valley and has a new marriage of about six months. She was there visiting her daughter, who works for the Harrah's Riverboat Casino. If anyone has contact information on Gail, I know she would love to be added to participate here. (Judy Wade)

I still correspond with JUDI BURKE. Her internet access is very limited, so I'll update her here. After leaving Xerox,Judi and her famly moved to Maine. They opened a Bed and Breakfast Inn, and after a few years sold the Inn and established a new one in the lighthouse keepers house on Isle Au Haut, an island off the coast of Maine. The inn is called the Keeper's House and is quite well known. It's been written up in a number of newspapers and travel magazines. The reviewers always mention Judy's wonderful meals. How they ended up there and how they inn got started is quite a story. For those who are interested, you can read about it in her husband's book "Island Lighhouse Inn", by Jeffrey Burke, published by the Pilgrim Press. Last time I checked you could order it off Speaking of books, Judy has finished a first draft of a novel, about women working in an electronics factory (wonder where she got that idea?). She is also finishing up her degree. (Terrie Rowe)

Last weekend we got a visit from another couple who found each other at Xerox, JOHN and BECKY THOMPSON. They were on their way to Portland to visit John's son,who just moved up there. We had a great visit, and a wonderful time talkng about the Xerox days. I think that's what sparked me to get this started. John still works for Xerox in the distribution warehouse in South San Francsico. Becky stopped working last year. They live on a 40' cruiser yacht berthed at Oyster Point in So. SF. John is planning to retire in a year and a half, at which point they will move to Sonora where they have a home that John inherited from his mother. They don't currently have a computer, but are talking about getting a laptop. I speak to them from time to time and would be more than happy to pass a message on to them from you. (Judy Wade)

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