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Diablo Systems/Xerox Fremont Virtual Reunion

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November 9th 2004
09:58:25 AM
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Sher (DiModica) Gegenheimer

How did you find this website?  

Phil Gramberg

Where are you from?  

Now living in St Charles, Missouri

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I really appreciate all the effort you and Judy have done to keep everyone updated. Thank you soooo much. I hope we do get another reunion going.

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April 7th 2004
01:06:09 PM
What is your name?  

Sandy & Norris Brewer

How did you find this website?  

Bernie Farnung

Where are you from?  

Now in Ormond Beach Florida. Worked in Fremont from 1985 to 1989, b4 transferring to El Segundo, and ultimately Rochester

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Glad to hear you are pulling thinks together. We will forward this site to other former employees we are still in touch with. Thanks so much.

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February 14th 2004
04:58:47 PM
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Building Community...

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Timberland believes in strengthening communities everywhere through hands-on volunteering and community involvement.

Where are you from?  

Reside in northern Massachusetts. Work in New Hampshire's seacoast region.

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Happy Valentine's Day to you, Terrie.

Once again, many thanks for your ongoing efforts to keep this site updated. Enjoy browsing the site now and again.

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January 11th 2004
10:18:19 AM
What is your name?  

Colette Marsh

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Hi Terri,
Thanks for all the time and effort you've put into this website. Nice to know there's a "place" one can go to "feel-in-touch with the Xerox family.
Please keep up the good work,

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November 27th 2003
08:20:14 PM
What is your name?  

Judy Wade

Where are you from?  

Where ever our Motor home takes us

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Happy Turkey day to both of you and Thank you for helping me with the communication with our Xerox Family via your wonderful website.

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November 16th 2003
05:51:03 AM
What is your name?  

Marianne Milliken Cobarrubias

How did you find this website?  

My dear friend, Terrie (the "Webmistress")

Where are you from?  

Currently live on the northshore of Massachusetts

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Thank you for creating and maintaining this site. Since I've built several websites myself, I know & understand the challenge (thanks to your guidance). Appreciate the time you spend keeping this site alive.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Bob, Penny & Hunter!


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November 15th 2003
02:18:48 PM
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Brad & Dave at Bravenet

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